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Hockey Legends is an awesome ice hockey game where you play with your favorite team in a challenging hockey tournament. Choose one of three different game modes to train your skills to become a real pro hockey player and compete in a tournament or just play a quick match with 2 players or against the CPU in a 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 mode. Skate on the ice with your player and slab your opponent with your stick to take control of the puck. Aim for a shot and hit the puck as hard as you can and score as many goals as you can. Take control of the ice skating rink and beat the crap out of your rivals and lead your team to victory in this cool hockey legends game! Controls: Arrows = move, X = hit / shoot, Z = super shot

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  • keegan

    my name is Keegan Ovechkin and my favourite team in the game is the perhaps bats because their symbol is exactly like the Washington capitals symbol and my favorite NHL hockey team is the Washington capitals and my favorite hockey player is The One The Only The Great 8 Alex Ovechkin. I have always wanted to play hockey but I never have that is why I have signed up to ball hockey instead so it’ll be like I`m the ball hockey Ovechkin of ball hockey

    • billy

      Nobody gives a shit

  • Elliot

    Social maps in 7th grade are stupid and dumb

  • jacob bordeaux

    that is crazy brave dud


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